We send out Joining Instructions in the week before the course to allow for last minute adjustments for tide and weather.  Some workshops are a mixture of indoor and outdoor activity, many are entirely outdoors.  As much of the outdoor activities will be on beaches, hillsides and mixed terrain it is essential that you come properly prepared.

You should bring whatever camera equipment you have – filters, lenses, lens cleaners, and so on, and a bag to carry it all in (preferably a photographer’s rucksack or similar) – and a tripod, if you have one. You may find a couple of large bin bags come in handy for sitting on, and putting your gear on, if it’s damp.

Aside from teas and coffees and chocolate biscuits (if you’re nice to us) where we have a classroom, we currently are able to provide little else.  So plan to bring sandwiches for lunch and perhaps a Mars bar, nut bar, or whatever you fancy to keep you going through the day. A water bottle to quench your thirst after you have walked up some big hill or other is also strongly recommended.  We have been known to be persuadable into a nearby hostelry for lunch or a coffee if the opportunity arises, and where everyone agrees, but some locations leave us a long way from such luxuries.

You can expect some walking for location based workshops – how much is dependent on location and the group, but is unlikley to be more than a kilometre or so.  Do let us know if this will cause a problem and we will arrange an alternative approach.  We strongly recommend that you bring good walking boots or wellies (or both), as well as ordinary shoes (as we don’t want to make the interior locations all muddy!) where part of the course is classroom based.  Waterproofs and warm clothing are essential; waterproof trousers might also be a good idea – this is Britain after all!  The weather on the Isle of Purbeck can change rapidly as it has its own micro-climate: it can be sunny when the rest of the country is dripping wet, equally it can be dripping wet when the the rest of the country is sunny

Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more details, and do please get in touch if you need more information.