We are always happy to arrange bespoke training either 1:1 or for small groups.  Between us we have experience of most types of photographic work and the underpinning skills to make succesful images – and if it is outside our area we will know someone who can deliver what you need.  We also have over fifteen years of teaching experience to get those skills across.

We are happy to discuss any content for 1:1 or bespoke group sessions – from technical shooting skills through lighting (studio, portable, etc) to post production, and more esoteric approaches to help unlock your creativity or get your image making out of a rut.

Speak to us if:

  • you need specific skills for a shoot
  • you want to catch up on the techncial skills that just don’t seem to be taught at college any more – we have worked with BA and MA Fine Art students
  • you need to build or review a portfolio before interview
  • you want do something creative to extend your GCSE or A Level course work – or beyond
  • you just want to enjoy learning how to manage your camera at your own speed in a location you enjoy and at a time to suit your other committments…

Prices are from £150 per day (£75 half day) – which assumes a location in or near to Purbeck.  If we need to source specialist equipment, or a model for example, then fees will be higher.