David Shale – Tricks of the Trade

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I have often been asked how I take my photographs of deep sea animals.  Well, here is a bit of a taster on techniques.  The following image is part of my set-up on one of the research ships I have worked on.

I use glass aquaria with cold filtered seawater.  My specimens are positioned in the tanks between sheets of glass.  Focussing is aided by fibre optic illumination.  The camera is set to manual as TTL does not work for these set-ups.  The camera always over exposes.  Images are transferred to my laptop for examination in jpeg format before uploading the RAW file.  My camera, a Nikon D2X is tethered to the laptop .  I usually work with a variety of Macro lenses as my specimens vary in size from 15cm down to less than 1 cm.
You can read more about David Shale’s work on his blog.