A one day workshop introducing basic studio lighting techniques and equipment handling.  This is the first of a series of opportunities to gain competence and confidence working in a photographic studio environment.

Who is the workshop for?

This series of workshops is aimed at photographers who want to explore studio (portrait, still life or product) photography.  It is would be ideal for anyone considering buying their own lighting equipment, or thinking about renting studio time.

You will have intermediate or higher camera skills: comfortable or aware of managing exposure using ISO, shutter speed and aperture controls.  (Managing exposure in a studio environment is an excellent way to consolidate these skills.)

Content – Session 1

  • Managing equipment – lighting types and choices, safe handling and storage.
  • Working safely – a studio is usually a team environment, with lots of things to trip over in the dark….
  • Understanding exposure with studio lighting. You will be working in Manual mode, using a flash meter to establish correct exposure.
  • Basic Lighting set-ups. We will cover a number of standard lighting arrangements, and explore ways to document these set ups to make them easy to reproduce.
  • Project Type: Photography
  • Skills Needed: Photoshop
  • Customer: Example Inc
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Website: http://www.example.com