David Shale – Mid Atlantic Ridge trip on the Henry Bigelow

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We set sail on the Henry Bigelow from Newport Rhode Island on a foggy day in early June.  At 208ft long and 2500 tons she is a fair size with a crew of  20 and 14 scientists from the USA and around the world.  Food is good and plentiful.  This is also a ‘dry ship’, which means no alcohol…

A diversion into St Johns Newfoundland was necessary for satellite spares.  Passing icebergs on the way to the Mid Atlantic Ridge was something I had not expected.

It took us 5 days of steaming to reach our destination – The Mid Atlantic Ridge Being mostly North of the Polar front our mid Atlantic weather was mostly grey and cold.

Temperatures were rarely above 11degrees C, however the sea was for the most part not rough, which makes life and work pleasant and comfortable.  As we work 24 hours a day sleep patterns can be seriously disrupted.

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